9 Marylebone Lane

London, United Kingdom

Property owner


Main contractor

McAleer & Rushe



Acoustic consultant

Hoare Lea / Rupert Taylor

Structural engineer



42 MN 13Hz CDM-VHS & 385 m² 10 Hz CDM-MONT

Building type

Residential & Hotel

Intervention level


9 Marylebone Lane, located in between Oxford Street and Wigmore Street, is a high quality residential building thanks to the installation of CDM-VHS isolation bearings and CDM-MONT floor isolation solutions.

9 Marylebone Lane is a new-build high quality residential building comprising 2 basement levels, lower ground, ground and seven upper floors. The site is located in between Oxford Street and Wigmore Street.

The Jubilee Line runs directly beneath the site and the acoustic consultant, Hoare Lea, specified that the building needed to be supported on elastomer bearings with a maximum natural frequency of 15Hz.

The building is isolated at the base of columns and walls on top of the ground floor slab. Sensitive areas on the ground and lower ground floors are isolated using box-in-box constructions.

The bearing stiffnesses were used in the structural analysis to ensure that the correct bearings were used at each support location.

The 3 apartments and the gymnasium that were below the level of the main building isolation were built of CDM-MONT-100 concrete jack-up floating floors to create box-in-box constructions.


9 Marylebone Lane
9 Marylebone Lane

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