80 Marine Parade Drive

Toronto, Canada

Property owner

Monarch Group

Main contractor


Acoustic consultant

HGC Engineering

Structural engineer


530 ft²

Building type

Residential & Hotel


Gym & Sport

Intervention level


With the conversions of a Yoga studio to an Auxiliary Gym Room, higher impact fitness activities were perceived in an adjacent tenant suite due to structure-borne noise, with measurements reaching 43 dBA contained in a frequency range of 80 to 160 Hz measured by the Acoustician.

Reported by the acoustician, the frequency response of the existing gym-floating floor installed at 80 Marine Parade Drive was measured in a heel drop test. The measured response frequency of the floor was broadly in a range centred at about 15 Hz.

CDMca Ltd designed, supplied and installed a retrofit floating floor solution. With use of past CDM lab test data, and by performing in-situ mock-up trials consisting of various material and cross-sectional designs, 3-different floor build-ups were tested, 1-remained as being 100% successful, resulting in no perceived vibration or audible noise in the tenant’s suite.

The CDM-FLOAT solution eliminated the 43 dBA measurements previously recorded, using a specific floor buildup not involving a concrete floating slab, to achieve a sound level of less than 35 dBA.


80 Marine Parade Drive – CDM-FLOAT
80 Marine Parade Drive – CDM-FLOAT

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