691 Tennessee Recording Studio

San Francisco, The United States

Property owner

Main contractor


JMJ Studios

Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer

Strandberg Engineering


professional recording studio

Building type

Arts & Media

Intervention level


Working hand-in-hand with the acoustical consultant, CDM supplied a CDM-DPM system and assisted during installation on site.

Located in the Central Waterfront District of San Francisco, the existing warehouse was converted into a professional recording studio with a live room, control room, ISO room, and a lounge.

WSDG, a leading firm for recording studio design and acoustic consulting provided the engineering services to the client.

Two different types of CDM-HR natural rubber pads were used at varying on-center spacing to accommodate for the floating floor loads, heavy equipment, and concentrated loads from walls and windows.

Working hand-in-hand with the acoustical consultant and following their acoustical specifications and requirements, CDM provided shop drawings with a custom layout, and ensured proper installation on site with a pre-construction meeting, site visits, and post-construction review.


691 Tennessee Recording Studio
691 Tennessee Recording Studio
C. Smith
Project Manager

We are very pleased with CDM’s assistance throughout this project. CDM provided the pre-construction engineering and shop drawings in collaboration with the acoustical consultant and assisted during installation on site. The process from shop drawing approval to materials being delivered was extremely fast and better than anticipated. The color coding of the isolation pads made the installation fast and easy. CDM really helped out here.

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