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CDM 15030 + 25 mm glassfibre + 18 mm plywood & CDM-MTC 4.5 + 18 mm plywood

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At the exclusive 1BEAT Gym in Dubai, CDM-GYM is used to create a stable and impact resilient floor, completely detached from the underlying building layer. This way noise and vibration levels are reduced to a minimum ensuring premium acoustics in the office space above.

1BEAT is a boot camp gym located on the ground floor of the One Central Building in Dubai Financial District.

Although the type of weights used are relatively light, there was a concern for the transfer of structure-borne noise to the above office spaces.

Due to a restriction in buildup and budget, the system adopted was the CDM-GYM 70. The solution was finished with a 15 mm rubber flooring.

Comparing the LAmax noise level magnitudes from the impact test in the receiver location in the office space directly above, there was an improvement of approximately 22 dB. This improvement was sufficient given the type of gym application.

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