Lux Prime at Benfica Stadium


Lux Prime is a new housing concept offering a distinctive lifestyle and environment, harmoniously blending the architectural line of the building with its surroundings.

Facing the Sport Lisboa e Benfica Stadium (Estádio da Luz), Lux Prime condominium offers the best of modern-day living. The spacious apartments with terraces and balconies are all equipped with high-range appliances and luxurious finishes. Rooftop leisure spaces, including a 30-meter-long infinity pool, deck, and outdoor gym, offer stunning panoramic views of Monsanto Park and the rest of the city.

People swimming and jumping into indoor and outdoor rooftop swimming pools generate structure-borne noise which, if left untreated, will become a nuisance in neighboring spaces.
To guarantee maximum comfort in the duplex apartments below, a CDM-POOL acoustic isolation solution was installed underneath the rooftop pool, decoupling the pool and pool deck from the supporting structure, resulting in high levels of isolation.

Fitness Park Tours


With more than 30 years of experience, 700 000 clients and over 220 clubs, Fitness Park is one of the largest gym chains in France. The high-end fitness chain is planning to open another 70 clubs this year alone.

In the summer of 2020 Fitness Park opened its latest club in the L’Heure Tranquille shopping center in Tours. With a surface area of 1100 m², Fitness Park Tours is one of the larger gyms, with plenty of room for various gym activities such as weightlifting, spinning, group classes, but also more intensive workouts like boxing and cross-training.

With a promise to deliver their clients the best gym equipment and the best fitness experience out there, Fitness Park called in CDM to address the flooring and isolate unwanted noise and vibrations at their latest gym in Tours. Due the type of activities and to ensure a peaceful environment in the neighboring stores, a customized CDM-GYM-HP system with GYMPACT25 and dBooster® technology was installed in the area where medium-high impacts are expected (with impact energy levels of up to 600 N.m).

This discrete solution is performance-engineered to control vibrations, minimize low-frequency impact noise, and reduce the transmission of structure-borne noise. Using the patented dBooster® technology, the floor system’s performance is independent of the impact energy level applied to the system.

As a final floor, Fitness Park was able to install their standard floor covering, ErgoFloor Rubber Tiles.

Fitness enthusiasts are now able to exercise to their heart’s content without having to worry that their activities are disturbing the neighbors.

Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort


Amidst an 840-acre estate consisting of sweeping parklands, masterfully designed French gardens, and a magnificently maintained championship golf course, stands Adare Manor. The 19th century romantic Neo-Gothic gem that is Adare Manor was once the family home of Windham Henry Quin, the 2nd Earl of Dunraven and his wife, Lady Caroline Wyndham.

Modelled after the great European chateaux and cathedrals, this stately home is a tribute to the Dunravens’ sense of exuberance, wit, and style. The building displays a wealth of gargoyles, heraldry and decorative stone and wood carvings. The interior spaces are designed on a grand scale, with the most renowned space being The Gallery, a 132-foot long, 26 ½ foot high expanse inspired by the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.

Today Adare Manor is an exclusive 5-star hotel that offers its guests an unforgettable stay. The historic manor house has been transformed with great attention to detail, making it the perfect retreat for anyone wishing to immerse himself in history and luxury.

Our local branch CDM Ireland was tasked by RSK Acoustic Consultants with providing a gym floating floor solution for the gym at the new Adare Manor Guest Facility. In order to reduce impact noise from the gym, causing nuisance in the spa area below, RSK Group set the acoustic criteria at NR 30 for the wellness area.

To meet the required noise rating level CDM designed, supplied and installed a CDM-GYM-XP acoustic floating floor with a GYMPACT20 absorption layer and a 10 mm Sports Floor covering for the free weight area. In the rest of the gym, including the ballet studio, a CDM-GYM-XP without GYMPACT20 was installed below the oak timber floor covering. With the new acoustic floating floors in place, hotel guests can be assured of a relaxing stay at Adare Manor.

Basic-Fit Villa de Vallecas



Basic-Fit Villa de Vallecas is one of the more than 800 clubs that Basic-Fit, one of Europe’s largest fitness operators, has in Spain, Benelux and France.

Even with Basic-Fit speeding up their expansion plans for the European market, it doesn’t ignore the well-being of their existing customers and fitness centers. Various Basic-Fit locations all over Europe are being transformed to improve both aesthetics and user comfort. One of those locations is Basic-Fit Villa de Vallecas, located on the first floor of the “Mercado Villa de Vallecas” building, in Madrid.

Basic-Fit decided to address the floors as well, to respond to the noise complaints of the neighbors. After an initial analysis, it soon became clear that the free-weight zone was the main source of noise.

With only 2.6 m of available space between the existing floor covering and the ceiling and, according to the standard layout of Basic-Fit clubs, 2.4 m high cable crossing machines installed in the free-weight zone, the height of the acoustic floor system was limited to a maximum of 125 mm.


Keeping the standard gym lightweight floating floor setup, CDM designed a custom CDM-GYM-HP with GYMPACT35 dry floor system, able to reduce the noise generated to acceptable levels and adding only limited extra height, as desired by the client.

In order to verify the performance of the system, a mock-up was first installed on which weights were dropped from different heights. LAF,MAX values were measured that not only comply with the legal limits, but also meet the requirements with regard to the noise complaints of the neighbors.

Fitness enthusiasts are now able to exercise to their heart’s content without having to worry that their activities are disturbing the neighbors. The intervention was quick, easy and clean, allowing Basic-Fit Villa de Vallecas to keep the other zones in the gym open, even during installation. The free-weight area was able to reopen after only a couple of days. The installed floating floors did not add too much weight or height and the client was able to reuse his rubber tiles as final floor covering.

Gimlet Media


When Gimlet Media – the award-winning podcast production company behind hit podcasts like ‘Reply All’ and ‘Homecoming’ – decided to move into a new headquarters last year, the company took over 28,000 square feet of space in the Pioneer Building, a converted storage building in Downtown Brooklyn (NY) that has undergone a $30 million makeover.

In addition to the 12 podcast spaces, the production facility also boasts a traditional recording studio with extra noise isolation and a 375-sq-ft live room. With space at a premium, there was no way for Gimlet Media to isolate the spaces with distance between the rooms. However, because multiple projects are going on simultaneously, robust noise and vibration isolation between studios was an absolute must.

A CDM-DPM engineered floating floor system with discrete isolators, pre-cut batt insulation and perimeter isolation was installed to decouple Gimlet Media’s live room and control room, used for music production and more complex projects.

Corinthia Hotel Lisbon‎


Perched on a hill overlooking the city, the 5-star Corinthia Hotel Lisbon with its soaring tower offering memorable views over the impressive 18th-century Aquaduct of Águas Livres, is the perfect holiday retreat for those looking for a good and quiet night’s sleep. Popular with both high-end business travelers and tourists, the Corinthia raises the bar in terms of hospitality and luxury.

Bringing multiple spaces with different functions into a single building is a challenge in terms of acoustic comfort. The hotel’s gym is located above a meeting room and next to the wellness area where guests try to unwind
after a hectic day. The existing floor system in the gymnasium was insufficient to cope with the heavy impact of falling dumbbells and kettlebells and to guarantee the acoustic comfort expected by the hotel guests.

Together with the project designer Barra Mestra and the installation team of Interior Único, CDM designed a floating floor solution that offers optimal performance, functionality and will last a lifetime.

Eventually, we opted for a CDM-GYM-XP system with GYMPACT45 and dBooster® technology, a dry and lightweight floor specially designed to deal effectively and safely with high impact energy from falling weights. This system is the perfect solution for existing buildings where the extra weight and height of a concrete floor is not feasible, and where rebound is to be limited to guarantee user safety.

CDM-GYM lightweight systems are quick and easy to install and compatible with the most common floor coverings, allowing Corinthia Hotel Lisbon to reuse their existing rubber floor on top of our acoustical floating floor system.

By supervising the installation and immediately addressing any problems that may arise during this process, we can be sure of a perfect installation that will allow the chosen floor system to work optimally for the entire lifetime of the gym. The Corinthia Hotel Lisbon will be ready to reopen as soon as the wordwide pandemic has subsided, offering what the Corinthia Hotel’s guests have come to expect: comfort, relaxation and a safe atmosphere.

KEXP Radio Station


Together, KEXP Radio Station and CDM gave an exciting, acoustic update to the station’s performance space with the installation of a high-performance CDM-LAT floating floor.

Thanks to the thousands of live performance sessions, KEXP has grown into a global brand in music discovery, broadcasting music and video content worldwide. Therefore, the acoustic isolation of the live space from external noise and vibration was of paramount importance.

© Nataworry Photography

Theater Zuidplein ‘Kunstenpand’


Zuidplein Theatre (Kunstenpand) is the new cultural hotspot of Rotterdam. Part of the ambitious ‘Hart van Zuid’ development surrounding the Ahoy Arena and Zuidplein Shopping Center, the 12.500 m² Zuidplein Theatre houses a lobby, two auditoriums, a café-restaurant and part of the Rotterdam Library. The semi-transparent veil-like façade is designed to draw passersby in, making art and culture accessible to a wider audience.

Due to strict noise regulations, the two auditoriums are positioned on the metro side, furthest away from the residential buildings. But in order to achieve the high level of sound insulation required, various CDM noise and vibration solutions were designed that meet the load specifications and acoustic requirements. CDM-SEB elastomeric bearings support the auditorium floors, while the walls are connected to the steel structure using the CDM-FIX system. CDM-CC60 acoustic ceiling hangers and elastomer wall strips add to the design.

Photography: Scagliola Brakkee

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Built in 1911 to house Wanamaker’s, one of America’s first department stores, the Wanamaker Building now features modernized office floors above the historic retail space that holds Macy’s and the famous Wanamaker Grand Court Organ. The Wanamaker Grand Court Organ is the largest fully functioning pipe organ in the world and consists of 28,750 pipes.

Its sunlit Grand Atrium, fitness center, lobby coffee shop, onsite parking, and proximity to public transportation, make the Wanamaker Building a highly desirable office location in the Center City neighborhood of Philadelphia.

With a 54,000-square-foot office lease, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has expanded its presence in the iconic Wanamaker Building. CHOP now occupies a total of 300,000 square feet across five floors, making them the largest tenant.

An engineered CDM-DPM floating floor system with discrete isolators, pre-cut batt insulation and perimeter isolation board was installed to acoustically isolate CHOP’s new conference rooms from the atrium and the massive pipe organ.

Eiffel Art Studios


After years of renovation the Hungarian State Opera’s new rehearsal, manufacturing and warehouse complex, the Eiffel Art Studios is finally open to the public. The complex was built on the
ruins of the old Northern Railway Maintenance and Engineering Workshop, a system of vast covered spaces unique in Europe.

Located right below the main air-corridor for landing at Budapest Airport and in between a train and tram line, the five-nave core repair complex spanning 22,000 sqm, which was named after
Gustave Eiffel, also houses a restaurant, visitor centre, costume rental shop, music recording studio and a brand-new 400-seat theatre auditorium called the Bánffy Stage.

It was the designer’s intention to preserve the industrial atmosphere of the railway workshop despite the change of function, giving way to a 21st century cultural establishment. Közti
Architects & Engineers responsible for the refurbishement decided that the original steel roof structure, designed by János Feketeházy, should serve as the main architectural feature, giving the Eiffel Art Studios a modern day look and feel.

In accordance with the acoustical consultant, CDM proposed CDM-LAT, an isolated steel floor batten system, CDM-WH resilient wall ties, elastomeric wall strips and CDM-CC and CDM-PHS-S acoustic suspension hangers to create a box-in-box solution for the newly built concrete rehearsal rooms within the studio complex.

For budgetary reasons, some acoustic solutions have been omitted or simplified. As a result, resilient mats (CDM-MAT) were installed in the most critical rooms. Together with the wall braces and additional machine isolation pads, the continuous mats provide the required noise and vibration isolation.