Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg


Boulevard de Strasbourg is a major thoroughfare, located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg is located on the ground floor of a multipurpose building that also houses apartments and offices. Adjacent are shops and a restaurant (structurally connected).

Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg is a gym with different workout areas: cardio area, functional zone, spinning room, strength zone and free weight lifting areas. Most of these areas are isolated from one another and are located in different rooms. Because of that, it was easier to understand the main noise concerns and define the noise levels that are generated in each space. Accordingly, we were able to propose the right solution for each zone.

From October 14 to November 1, Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg was closed for maintenance works. During this period, it was possible to install two CDM-GYM solutions:

  • 106 m² of CDM-GYM-XP with a high performance impact layer (CDM-GYMPACT45) and dBooster® technology for the free weight lifting area, improving the noise levels in surrounding
    rooms as well as making the performance of the floating floor less dependent on the impact energy;
  • 40 m² of CDM-GYM-SP was installed in the cardio area, bringing the desired acoustical performance with a floor system with low deformation, compatible with comfort of use and live load conditions (heavy equipment storage with their load concentrated on its feet).

Fitness enthusiasts are now able to exercise to their heart’s content without having to worry that their activities are disturbing the neighbors. The intervention was quick and easy, allowing Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg to reopen in only a couple of days. The installed floating floors did not add too much weight or height and the client was able to reuse their rubber tiles as finishing layer.


Galleria Office Building


The works on the shuttle parking of the station of Aalst and its surroundings are nearing completion. The site will include a parking building, bicycle sheds, a new Denderplein, housing and a ‘Galleria’ building with offices for SNCB staff.

The station and its surroundings will become a modern and accessible hub for trains, buses, cars, bicycles and pedestrians. The city of Aalst, the SNCB Group and De Lijn are jointly investing 40 million euros in the embellishment of the Aalst railway station district.

At the back of the train station, along the railway embankment, work is in full swing on a new parking building with a covered bicycle shed for some 800 two-wheelers. Between the existing and new underpass to the railway platforms will be the so-called ‘Galleria building’ with shops on the ground floor and above it offices and technical classrooms of the SNCB. Both the shuttle car park and the Galleria office building should be completed by the end of next year.

In order to limit the propagation of ground-borne noise and vibrations from the adjacent tracks to the new building, a CDM-RAFT solution was applied over the entire length of the 50 metre long and 6.5 metre high soil mix wall. After unrolling the rubber acoustic insulation mat from above, a wall in reinforced concrete was poured against it. By applying this extra damping layer, vibrations are not given free rein and the building and its occupants are protected against unwanted vibrations and the associated noise.


DIT Grangegorman East Quad


This project will consist of a 400 seat music performance hall, various practice spaces and creative arts & media studios. The gross internal floor area for the East Quad City Campus will be approximately 16,000 square meters.

The acoustic design team specified an criteria of 10Hz for the dry and wet floating floors and the separating partitions. CDM Ireland recommended our CDM-LAT for the dry floating floors, CDM-QuietDECK for the wet acoustic floating floors and CDM-WALL-FIX for the separating partitions that achieves the criteria of 10Hz.


Residential Building Casas do Mar


With an architectural style of classic lines and a minimalist and contemporary interior design, the multi-family condominium “Casas do Mar” situated on the ocean front in São João do Estoril along the prestigious Cascais coast line houses three luxury apartments with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Because the apartment complex is located near the Cascais Railway Line, the acoustic consultant conducted research into vibrations and low frequency noise caused by rail traffic. Following vibration tests performed on site the acoustician designed a building base isolation system for the foundation level, using CDM-SEB elastomeric bearings.

CDM-WALL-STRIP high performance elastomeric strips are placed under all the inner walls to prevent airborne noise from causing a problem in the adjacent rooms.


Residential Building Rua Chaby Pinheiro


A premium residential building on 20 Chaby Pinheiro Street in the Campo Pequeno district in the heart of Lisbon.

The building was constructed in close proximity of the Lisbon urban railway line. Vibration measurements performed by the acoustician demanded a structural elastic cut solution using CDM-SEB bearings in the upper part of the foundation level (between level -1 and 0), in order to control the structural noise transmission from the railway tracks to the building.


NOS Headquarters


In the Campo Grande area, close to ‘2ª Circular’, the NOS head office building lets no one indifferent. Designed and built to accommodate the telecommunications company, it is one of the most remarkable prime office buildings of Lisbon, standing out for its geometrical architecture and centralized location, right next to the inter-modal platform of public transports in Campo Grande.

NOS headquarters was developed, as a multi-use building, for administration, technical development, client support and offices. This modern building is comprised by two independent bodies connected from the 3rd floor by a metallic structure, organized in a linear fashion with a glass façade overlooking a garden area.

Services are located on several floors. Each floor has an open layout with a spectacular view of down-town Lisbon and with a considerable height to give a sense of freedom. The rooms can be easily adapted to accommodate different services. Because the rooms had to be versatile and accommodate all electrical infrastructure (such as electricity, light and communication wiring) all buildings have special raised access computer floors which include 10 mm thick CDM-PADs underneath supports, improving the acoustic isolation performance.


Casas Rainha Dona Leonor


Internationally considered the best social housing project in Portugal, and a reference in Europe, Casas Rainha Dona Leonor is specifically designed for low-income families. The new apartment building in Porto replaces the old and degraded housing complex with the same name from the 1950s.

Being a social housing project strict quality standards were imposed on the project. Much attention was paid to the necessary impact sound insulation of floating slabs and screeds in order to keep the transmission of unwanted vibrations and the associated noise pollution within strict limits.


Television Studio SIC


Grupo IMPRESA is an important private Portuguese broadcasting, newspaper and magazine organization. SIC TV, moved their offices from Carnaxide to Paço de Arcos, next to the headquarters of Grupo IMPRESA.

The new construction is a multifunctional building, where TV, production studios, newspaper and magazine offices coexists side by side to the Administration Board.

The CDM-QuietDECK solution was designed as a single 763 m² floating floor, running under various studios, guaranteeing acoustic high efficiency isolation between studios and surrounding multifunctional spaces.


Fitness Hut Avenida de Roma


The Fitness Hut gym chain is the first low-cost premium chain in Portugal: premium fitness clubs at fair prices. Fitness Hut is not only concerned with the comfort of its users, they are also concerned with the comfort of the surrounding spaces. Many of the branches are already equipped with the CDM-GYM acoustic floor system.

Fitness Hut Avenida de Roma is housed in a multifunctional building and in between the shopping mall level and the residential upper floors. Besides the normal impact floor for group classes the free weight area is also isolated to absorb the vibrations caused by weights being dropped on the floor.


Fitness Hut Carcavelos


The Fitness Hut gym chain is the first low-cost premium chain in Portugal: premium fitness clubs at fair prices. Fitness Hut is not only concerned with the comfort of its users, they are also concerned with the comfort of the surrounding spaces. Many of the branches are already equipped with the CDM-GYM acoustic floor system.

Fitness Hut Carcavelos is situated in the Nova School of Business and Economics in Carcavelos, a multifunctional university building for education, services and leasure. The gym is located located adjacent to the class rooms and university office spaces. In addition to the normal impact floors, various high impact floors were installed, guaranteeing excellent impact noise insulation.