Jetts 24 Hour Fitness

The Jetts Fitness Club at Hoogstraten in Eindhoven is located in a residential building. The club is open 24 hours a day for members. The residential building is the result of the refurbishment of a former office building. Short stay apartments are located on the first floor.

The ground floor of the fitness club consists of a light concrete floor with a PVC top floor. In heavy fitness equipment areas as well as in the free weight lifting areas the original floor consisted of rubber tiles on top of a PVC floor.

In order to improve the noise level in the adjacent rooms, CDM-GYM-HP with dBooster™ was installed. CDM-GYM-HP is a discrete and lightweight floating floor that prevents the low frequency heavy impact vibration from causing a noise problem (the existing soft rubber tiles were just showing effect from frequencies >80Hz).

This CDM solution allowed Jetts Fitness Club to keep the existing rubber tiles as impact layer and floor covering of the new solution implemented as well as to do the intervention labors in a very short period of time without having to close the club for a longer period.

Basic-Fit Veenendaal

At Basic-Fit Veenendaal, a special floating floor has been installed in the zone where heavy weights are being lifted to prevent noise nuisance in the rooms above. An extensive test campaign has led to an optimal construction for this application: the CDM-GYM.

Due to the special construction with natural rubber springs, plating, damping layers and impact insulation, a heavy floating concrete floor is no longer necessary to adequately insulate even low-frequency concrete. This floor prevents the low-frequency heavy impact vibrations from causing a noise problem.

Because the system is lightweight and quick to install, it offers a solution for many existing situations. It is often no longer possible to use a heavy suspended concrete floor. On the one hand because of the limitation of the weight to be added, on the other hand because a fitness club cannot be closed for a longer period due to current subscriptions.

De Vier Gravinnen

‘De Vier Gravinnen’ is an assisted living facility in Tiel, where independent living and health care are integrated. In the living area in the Pisa building there is a passenger elevator located close to a number of living and sleeping areas. A number of residents have complained about noise nuisance from the elevator.

The acoustic consultant was commissioned by the housing corporation to carry out sound measurements and to test these against the Buildings Decree. It appeared that this just complied with the Building Decree, but that does not mean that there can be no nuisance because the lift was still clearly audible.

A good solution for the noise nuisance is to acoustically disconnect the lift from the shaft using the CDM-ELEVATOR-FIX system. CDM has worked out a design for this system that is in line with the structural principles of the elevator manufacturer. The lift brackets are disconnected by way of natural rubber based wall brackets (type CDM-81 and CDM-82) and an elastic ring around the bolt in the hole of the bracket. The lift motor is also equipped with a better acoustic decoupling.

After the installation of these vibration reducing measures, the acoustic consultant again performed sound measurements. The conclusion: a reduction in lift noise of at least 8 dB. This completely eliminates the noise nuisance. The movement of the lift was no longer audible. Due to its success, the lift in the Isolde building of the same residential care complex was also renovated. Here, too, the lift and the lift motor were disconnected by means of the CDM-ELEVATOR-FIX system to reduce noise pollution.

Thorpe Park PureGym

The new Springs retail and leisure facility at Thorpe Park, Leeds, includes cinemas, shops, restaurants and a gym.

Part of the development was to build a state-of-the-art gymnasium for PureGym.

The acoustic consultants specified CDM to design and build a dry damped floating floor as part of the shell and core to ensure that the gymnasium did not disturb the restaurants and shops located directly below.

The CDM-LAT floating floor was to be installed within a tight four week deadline and this was successfully completed.

Manchester Metropolitan University

With the success of Media City, Manchester has now become the Media Centre of the UK and the best place to study for a job in TV, Film and Radio.

Manchester Metropolitan University has built a brand new Media Facility with industry standard studios to allow them to teach students in the highest quality spaces.

CDM-UK was employed to design, supply and install the concrete floating floors for 12 studios.

The 100 mm thick concrete floating floors supported the drylining walls and ceilings to create box-in-box constructions with very high standards of sound insulation.

The 50 mm void beneath the 100 mm concrete floating floors was created using CDM-LAT isolation rails and the voids were vented to avoid the trapped air layer reducing the isolation performance.

Most of the studios were supported off stiff structural slabs with a natural frequency of >10Hz and the specification for the bearings was given as <8Hz.

One of the studios, however, was supported off a supporting slab with a natural frequency of 6Hz and the specification for the bearings was changed to 12Hz in this studio to avoid structural vibration amplification.

The Museum of Modern Art

The grand dame of contemporary art museums, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, is getting a $400 million facelift.

MoMA’s extensive building and renovation project includes the construction of a new space, dubbed The Studio facing 53rd Street. The new space will feature live programming and performances, film and VR/AR demonstrations. The Studio at MoMA is a result of the new partnership with the Studio Museum in Harlem.

Close collaboration with the acoustical consulting firm Cerami & Associates and Gensler architects allowed CDM to provide this unique isolation design. It includes custom isolators (CDM-FIX) for a 45’ tall glass curtain wall offering stunning views of the city, a CDM-DPM floating floor system with cubical natural rubber isolators, and custom isolators for ceiling and ceiling-mounted equipment.

The Address Residence Sky View

Designed by the architects of Burj Khalifa, The Address Residence Sky View twin-towers in Dubai are two luxurious skyscrapers that feature 166 hotel rooms and 531 apartments, connected by a three-level Sky Bridge.

The project consists of two large swimming pools, located at podium level and the Sky Bridge that spans between the two buildings, offering a panoramic view of Downtown Dubai.

The concern from the acoustic consultant was potential of structure borne noise due to activities in and around the pools causing noise nuisance within the apartments and the hotel rooms.

In conjunction with the acoustic consultant, CDM designed a solution that will isolate any unwanted structure borne noise from contaminating the residential rooms by means of a CDM-POOL solution based on a continuous resilient support to achieve natural frequency of 15 Hz. Special attention was paid to the infinity pool. To avoid the transmission of unwanted noise through the acrylic wall of the Sky Pool, discrete resilient pads were installed.

Cultuurcentrum Leietheater

The Leietheater, Deinze’s new cultural centre, opens its doors to the public in September. The new building is designed by the young architect duo V+ & Trans and houses a 450 seat theatre, offices, multifunctional spaces and a cafeteria.

The building is a compact volume with a ground floor in glass and aluminium and a superstructure in white glazed brick. The eye-catcher of the building will be the stage tower rising out above the theatre.

The new cultural centre is located on the corner of the busy Brielstraat and the N35/Tweebruggenlaan, which is why it was feared that there would be noise nuisance inside the building.

By means of the innovative CDM-FACADE-FIX system, a part of the façade of the Leietheater was disconnected from the rest of the structure, a first in Belgium. This way, the transmission of sound from passing traffic is reduced, guaranteeing peace and quiet in the auditorium.

The decoupling is based on the CDM-FIX principle using various rubber components in order to obtain a reduction of the “mass spring-mass” system at approximately 20 Hz.

Bouygues Immobilier

We had to use all our know-how to tackle the challenge that Bouygues Immobilier had set out for us, namely ensuring that the six residental buildings located near the RER C train tracks don’t feel the vibrations.

Beyond the number of buildings the real challenge was to meet the different vibration isolation objectives:


  • On the one hand, offer a solution with a cutoff frequency of 4 Hz: 13,000 tons for 2 buildings supported by CDM-CHR springs.
  • For the other 4 buildings, cutoff vibration at 10 Hz: 15,000 tons supported by CDM-VHS and CDM-SEB elastomer brearings.


Basic-Fit Amiens

Aware that poor acoustics are often a problem in fitness rooms, Basic-Fit Amiens decided to install a CDM-GYM impact resilient floating floor to absorb the vibrations caused by dumbbells being dropped on the floor.

Together with the acoustic consultant, CDM Group has used its know-how and expertise to find an effective solution while saving their customer money. with more than 25 years of experience in the field of floating floors, the dedicated team installed a new floor using CDM products such as CDM-GYM-LATM50.

Harsh sounds and vibrations are blocked from traveling through the building structure, causing nuisance to neighbours and guests.