CDM-QR acoustic brackets are designed to isolate dry wall constructions from the supporting wall; thereby improving the acoustic performance of the wall construction


CDM-QRW is a Isolated Wall System designed to isolate a standard wall channel therefore optimising sound insulation between horizontally arranged rooms


CDM-WH resilient wall ties enable walls to be mechanically tied together without rigidly connecting them. Walls can be either stud walls (via bolt end) or brick block walls (via hooked end).


CDM-WALL-T is a Resilient Wall Batten used to isolate a dry wall construction from an adjacent support


CDM-WH3 is a Resilient Wall Brace used to isolate a wall from an adjacent support


CDM-RHD is a Resilient Head Detail isolating the head connection of a dry or wet wall from the construction above whilst providing lateral restraint


The resilient strips CDM-BRICKWALL, has been specially designed to minimize the flanking transmissions, and improve the vibration and structural noise isolation of load bearing walls.


CDM-WALL-FIX is a Stud Partition Base Isolation consisting of an isolation strip and stabilising bearings to isolate dry wall constructions from supporting floors


CDM-PERIMETER is a resilient strip used to minimize sound transmissions between isolated structures and non-isolated structures. It limits flanking noise transmissions between floating floors or suspended ceilings and adjacent walls or between acoustically decoupled party walls and the building structure.