CDM-SEB is a bespoke structural elastomeric bearing for the structural isolation of buildings and other structures.


CDM-VHS Very High Stress bearings isolate buildings from vibration and structure-borne noise caused by trains or trams running nearby or underneath buildings. They are designed to support very large loads whilst being significantly smaller in plan dimensions than traditional elastomer bearings.


CDM-CHR are Simple Spring Bearings for structural isolation of buildings and structures.


CDM-CHR-BOX are Pre-compressed Spring Bearings for structural isolation of buildings and structures.


CDM-RAFT is a resilient continuous supporting bearing system specially designed for raft foundations to protect the building from external vibrations generated especially by external nearby transport infrastructures.


CDM-FIX is a general elastic isolation fixation principle which guarantees total vibration decoupling from a non-isolated structure (suspended) to another isolated structure (supporting) which it is connected to in order to provide stability. If correctly designed it provides an effective reduction in noise and vibration energy transmission.


CDM-STRIP are Strip Elastomer Bearings for acoustic isolation of walls and beams in buildings and structures.


The CDM-FBT technique, which is patented, has been developed to maintain bearings in pre-compression until they can be installed. During the pre-compression process the dimensions of the bearings can be adapted to fit accurately into the required location and to take the desired load.