CDM-FLOAT is a pre-manufactured or in situ assembled floating floor solution. The system is delivered to site with full installation drawings.


CDM-MONT is an isolated floating floor system utilising reinforced steel boxes cast into concrete and jacked up, after the concrete has cured, to provide the required void depth.


CDM-LAT is an isolated steel floor batten system for the support of wet or dry floating floors and sprung-floor applications for dance, sport and theatre.


CDM-QDECK is a high performance acoustic floating floor deck system. The system has a high bending stiffness for limited built-up height and therefore is well suited for transit areas inside buildings like parking, supermarket and warehouse application types.


CDM-FLOOR-T is a resilient floor batten system for the support of wet or dry floating floors with anchoring system to the base structure. The battens can be used even on inclined base structures to obtain a high acoustical performance.


CDM-MAT is a continuous mat for dry and wet floating floor constructions.


CDM-PERIMETER is a resilient strip used to minimize sound transmissions between isolated structures and non-isolated structures. It limits flanking noise transmissions between floating floors or suspended ceilings and adjacent walls or between acoustically decoupled party walls and the building structure.